StorIQ Area Manager iPad App - empower your field team
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Area Manager

Module 3 of 3

The StorIQ Area Manager iPad App streamlines the store visit, enabling your field team to cut down on admin allowing more quality time with store managers

Area Manager

Key features

Easily set-up multiple store visit templates to match your exact business requirements

Review prior visit reports, tasks, photos and store documents

Easily assign tasks from within the App whilst conducting a store review. Reviews can be done on any device.

Automatically generate a store visit report added to central database with a copy emailed to the store manager

Why Area Manager?

The benefits


Using a template approach helps to improve the consistency of the area manager’s store visit


Head Office / Central Operations can access store visit reports making it possible to track & monitor performance over time


Insight into performance on a store level helps to uncover and share best practice whilst driving retail operations excellence

Without effective store visits it is impossible to ensure brands consistency and exceptional standards throughout a store portfolio.

Give your area managers the tools they need to help your stores succeed.

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