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StorIQ has helped Crew Clothing re-position their brand and improve presentation standards.

Crew Clothing Company

Crew Clothing is a British lifestyle clothing brand with a portfolio of nearly 80 stores throughout the UK. In 2014, the company embarked on a brand re-positioning programme to improve product and brand presentation standards across the store estate. Crew stores vary from large shopping centre to small market town stores, making it difficult to deliver consistent brand standards.

StorIQ gave the Retail Management and Visual Merchandising teams a structured, real time overview of what the estate looked like. Using the StorIQ photo upload, workflow and task management capabilities, the Crew team could quickly review the execution of campaign launches, providing rapid feedback for store teams to action.The time taken to review a campaign launch and be confident standards were as expected in every store dropped from 2 weeks to 48 hours.

“Until we started using StorIQ, photos of store windows and interiors were circulating round the business as email attachments, in PowerPoint presentations or as printouts. It was hard to measure the degree of compliance, and highly inefficient. Reviewing campaign launches is now immediate, so we can tell stores what to change instantly. Our database of visuals means that we can view any store area, such as tills or fitting rooms, and make them consistent with the campaign strategy.”

Crew Clothing — Commercial Director

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