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StorIQ gives Marks & Spencer International the tools to improve brand standards and compliance across their global store portfolio.

M&S International

Marks & Spencer is a British retailer focused on own label businesses, including Food, Clothing & Home, in the UK and internationally. M&S operates a family of businesses, selling high-quality, great value own-brand products in the UK and in 62 countries, from 1,519 stores and 44 websites globally, working with colleagues and partners in owned and franchise markets.

Like many of our customers, M&S International invested early in an intranet to share information with their partners overseas. In 2018, the London based retail operations and communications teams were looking to move beyond the intranet to improve brand standards and compliance across their global store portfolio.

Following a seamless transition of the core file sharing capability to StorIQ, the M&S International team began to roll out new functionality to their franchise partners. Using StorIQ’s communication, task management and photo sharing tools, to dramatically improve compliance and visibility of brand standards all over the world.

“With the support of StorIQ’s Customer Success team, we’ve transformed the way we communicate with our franchise partners, and I’m really excited about the new capability we can offer our partners to help them streamline retail operations in their own markets”

Richard Russell — International Communications Manager

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