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Checks and audits

It’s never been more important to be sure stores are compliant with polices and standards to keep teams and customers safe. But if you’re using paper checks for health and safety audits, it’s impossible to know all your stores are compliant. With StorIQ’s tools for compliance, you can be assured that every store is following procedures, without all the time and admin it takes to collate responses.

Creating standardised processes

Checklists are a great way to support repeated checks across stores, from opening and closing walkthroughs to health and safety checks. Set up a checklist schedule to make sure your checks are completed within a required timeframe.

Straightforward for store teams

Digitised checks are quick and easy to complete. Tasks, photos and comments can be added to give feedback to stores. StorIQ reports on compliance and exceptions, so you can be confident that all your stores are completing their checks, and you can quickly manage any exceptions.

Manage critical checks

There are some checks that must be completed. Mark a check as critical during set up, and get notified if a store fails the check, so you can be sure all your stores are compliant.

Collate structured data from stores

Gather repeated, structured data from stores with Forms. Schedule forms daily, weekly, monthly or adhoc to remind stores to submit responses when they are due.

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