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Labour budgeting and forecasting

It’s never been more important to keep a tight grip on store payroll. It can be hard to plan labour required to support operational activities in store – e.g. training programmes, systems upgrades or marketing initiatives – but StorIQ lets you budget accurately and takes the guesswork out of your labour forecasting.

Never exceed your budget again

Plan your labour budget and stick to it. With StorIQ’s tools for labour budgeting you can plan and assign annual labour budgets by department or activity. In-built reporting makes it easy to track actual labour hours vs budget – giving you the insight you need to react to variances and manage to budget.

Assign labour to communications

Labour hours can be assigned to communications and tasks – taking account of individual store requirements – and the total labour linked to a budget. Detailed reporting tracks allocated labour through the year, and with advanced reporting you can also track unplanned actions and activity types.

Hassle free approvals process

Running a traditional labour process involves a lot of admin. With StorIQ, budget owners can submit proposals at the start of the year, and once confirmed, they can create detailed communications and tasks for approval. Approvers can access requests in one simple to use page, saving lots of time.

Supplier funded projects

Don’t let any third-party funded projects slip through the net. Create trackable funding agreements and any activities marked as vendor funded will be excluded from your budget reports, but will still be reported as part of your overall allocated labour.

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