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Labour scheduling

Close the loop between retail operations and workforce management. With new tools to match labour to tasks, and feed accurate data into your labour planning, you can ensure your labour scheduling truly reflects the hours you need.

Understand the big picture

Detailed workforce management planning often relies on analysis of historic sales and traffic trends. But store teams are heavily impacted by operational activity like category resets, training courses or systems changes and these need to be factored into your planning. Our innovative tools pull together operational plans from across the business and make it easy for you to manage clashes and coordinate plans.

Connect labour planning to store activity

Align your labour forecasting with your task management workflow so you can improve the planning of staffing levels in store. Labour can be added to communications, assigned to a department and tracked against their overall budget. This means you can always have the right staff for the right activity.

Build more accurate schedules

Take the guesswork out of scheduling by integrating labour data from StorIQ into your workforce management software. Create accurate, robust schedules that truly reflect store workload and make sure your stores are never over or understaffed.

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