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Retail Task Management

Make sure your stores never miss a task again with StorIQ for retail task management. Whether it’s a product recall, a promotional launch or a follow up task from a district manager visit, you can keep track of task compliance in every store.

All store tasks in one place

With StorIQ all your communications are consolidated and every store has a dashboard that brings together all their tasks. They can see all their actions straight away, ask for help and receive feedback quickly and efficiently.

Tasking for teams

StorIQ is designed to support store managers, but there are times more teams need to be involved. Send tasks to specific store departments, let store managers assign tasks to their team or give store associates temporary access to the platform via QR code.

Give stores the tools they need

With two-way communication to and from stores, StorIQ gives store teams the power to create their own tasks, for colleagues or themselves. If something is broken in store or they need help, they can ask for support from central operations or a head office team, and they can track what’s been done.

Compliance reporting

Get full visibility of tasks for a more productive workforce. With StorIQ central teams have access to a wide range of compliance reporting and they can track completion rates and manage exceptions to drive productivity in store.

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