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Social Engagement

Create a collaborative space where teams can share ideas, celebrate colleagues’ hard work and connect with the wider business. Put community and culture at the heart of everything you do, and give teams the retail employee engagement tools they need to identify with your brand.

Individual user profiles

Allow all users to create their own profile with images and “about me”. Every user has an activity feed where they can create posts that are shared with their connections. Each profile type has different permissions based on the user’s job role, so they only have access to what they need to see.

Join social groups

Users can join or be invited to join social groups, where they can write posts, upload photos and like and comment on other peoples’ posts. Groups can be public or private, and be moderated to make sure that all communication is on topic and structured.

Private messaging

Let your teams stay connected by enabling private messaging. Users can send a direct message to a colleague to ask for help, give advice or thank them for a job well done.

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