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Store Communications

Whether you’re sending a weekly newsletter, a process change or video update from the CEO, StorIQ’s intuitive layout, and flexible set up means you can cascade any information easily and effectively. All information is presented to stores in a helpful way, in multiple formats so it’s easy to find what they need and it’s available to them exactly when they need it.

Templated communications

Creating well designed, targeted communications can be time consuming but with StorIQ sending anything from a product recall to a newsletter is quick and effective. Flexible, templated communications make it easy to send the right information to the right store at the right time.

Communications for engagement

Whether you’re looking to get your team excited about a new product launch, or want to instil your brand values, the StorIQ platform can help you engage and inspire your team. Post videos, create blog-style news updates and get feedback from your teams with surveys.

Different ways to consume content

Every retailer has their own communication style. Whether you want to create a central hub where stores can find retail apps and important files, a live newsfeed with the latest comms from head office, or video channels to share “how to” videos and product training – there’s a set up for all business requirements.

Approvals process

Many teams, not just retail, send information to stores but it’s important stores aren’t inundated with communications. Set up an approvals process, so that the right types of communications are being sent to the right stores, at the right times.

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