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Store Visits

With a field team that’s spread across cities, states and countries, it can be hard to understand what’s going on in your district manager team, which stores they’re focussing on and what actions came out of their last store visit. For district managers, manual processes and paper checks make it difficult to pull together all the information so they’re up to speed for their next visit. StorIQ brings together all the tools a district manager needs to complete a store visit in one easy to use app, with reporting that integrates into StorIQ for both Field and Head Office teams.

Templated reviews

Templated reviews mean that field teams can provide consistent feedback across all their stores. They can add a task to a review item, upload photos of stores, and it’s easy to follow up. Template set up is flexible, with different structures, weightings and question styles to choose from.

Works offline

Whether you’re down in the stockroom or travelling between stores, our iOS app work offline, so field teams can complete their checks, even when they’re not connected to the internet.

Predictive tasking

District managers completing the same store visit find themselves giving the same feedback again and again. With predictive tasking, field team members can select from previously submitted tasks to save time whilst they’re in store.

In-depth reporting

When a store visit is completed a store visit report is automatically generated and added to StorIQ. Teams in head office get detailed insight into store level operational metrics and can access reporting at store and field team level.

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