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Visual Merchandising standards

Improve brand standards across your entire store portfolio, and gain a transformational level of visibility with StorIQ’s tools for visual merchandising execution and brand compliance. StorIQ makes it easy to communicate visual merchandising updates to stores, and to engage store teams with brand presentation. The platform gives you the tools you need to manage down rework time, so you can be sure your stores are perfect, faster.

Easy to set up

Sending a new promotion or launch has never been more simple. It’s quick and intuitive to send VM guidelines to stores. A task will appear on their store dashboard, with all the information they need, so they can see exactly what they need to do.

Even easier to complete

With a platform that works on any device, stores can access their VM guidelines on the shop floor, take photos and upload them directly to StorIQ to be reviewed centrally. Without having to visit the back office.

Provide feedback directly to photos

All photos uploaded by stores are pulled together for central review. Visual merchandising and head office teams can add tasks directly to photos, so feedback and follow up is clear, fast and easy.

Share best practice

Let your stores know what good looks like. By marking a photo as best practice, the photo is shared across all stores so teams can see the standard they should achieve, all while celebrating a job well done.

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