StorIQ Labs

At StorIQ we believe that the application of innovative technology to core retail processes can drive huge benefits – that’s why we’ve created StorIQ Labs. We’ve combined our knowledge of artificial intelligence in retail, advanced algorithms and machine learning to create smart solutions to improve in store execution and drive operational efficiency.


Route Planner

We worked with one of our clients to build a genetic algorithm to solve the classic “travelling salesman problem.” We created a tool for Area Managers to plan their own store visit schedule to maximise store time and minimise travel time. The results were fantastic. We managed to decrease AMs time on the road by 30% across their 500 store portfolio.


Artificial Intelligence

We are passionate about innovation. We’re currently exploring the use of machine learning to improve in-store execution by analysing photos from stores. By classifying photos and identifying patterns across the store estate, we believe we can help retail teams drive performance in a new and exciting way.


Data Analysis

Most retail performance reporting focuses on LFL. But what if you could accurately predict LFL outcomes resulting from operational improvements, and focus on driving the right activity instead?  Statistical analysis of long term operational data collated from multiple store reviews can help cut through the noise of daily trading and provide real insight.

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