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Every detail right in every store

A great retail business needs empowered and informed store managers, engaged and well-trained teams and a new focus on productivity. Discover how StorIQ can help.

The Platform

Return on investment you can count on

StorIQ is easy to use, simple to implement and delivers a rapid return
on investment you can measure.

Save Time

With clear communication to and from stores and real-time compliance reporting, you can save store managers up to four hours a week.

Protect margin

Get things right first time. Excellent brand standards help maximise full price sell through rates, and protect margin.

Drive productivity

By streamlining management processes you can give managers more time to focus on their teams.

How it works

A powerful platform for all your teams

Whether you want to improve product presentation, supercharge your sales training or align your labour forecasting with your task management workflow, discover how StorIQ can help you do retail better.

Task Management

Stores will never miss a task again

StorIQ’s tools for communications and task management make it easy to tell your stores what to do, and for you to know when they’ve done it. And because it’s intuitive to use and presented clearly, you and your store teams will save a lot of time.

Tell your stores what to do

Send the right information to the right store, at the right time; quickly and easily.

Know when they’ve done it

It’s easy to see what’s been done and to give your store teams support and feedback.

A platform stores love using

StorIQ’s mobile-first, intuitive design looks amazing, and it’s really easy to use.

Team engagement

Give your team the tools they need to thrive

Engage and inspire your teams with StorIQ’s modern, intuitive mobile tools for learning and team engagement.

Supercharge your training programme

Develop the skills of your team and train new starters with modern and interactive mobile learning.

Create a sense of community

Bring your team together with a social platform to share ideas, connect employees and build brand engagement.

Build brand advocacy

Get your team engaged with your brand and values through clever, well-designed communications.

Activity Planning

Co-ordinate activity across your business

Give your management teams oversight of who has done what, so they can see where to focus and understand how much it all costs.

Keep labour within budget

Plan your labour ahead of time and predict accurate, in-budget staffing levels – never overspend on labour again.

Build accurate schedules

Take the guesswork out of scheduling by pulling a feed of your labour workflow from StorIQ into your workforce management software.

Get total visibility

Understand what’s going on in store by getting a handle on retail operations metrics.

Works at scale

Trusted to deliver

StorIQ supports teams in 55 countries and 24 languages. Whether you’re a local specialist or a global brand, our experience in tech and retail means we challenge our customers to think differently and transform their retail operations.

Proven at scale

StorIQ looks simple, but it’s supported by enterprise level architecture. We support companies with complex hierarchies, multiple brands, countries and languages, and we understand the complexity of both wholly owned and partnership operations.

ISO27001 compliant

StorIQ has a state of the art security infrastructure and robust security controls to protect your data. Our ISO27001 compliance proves it.

Agile and innovative

Our intelligent, truly agile approach means we deliver frequent platform updates alongside enterprise level system integrations and innovative custom solutions.

Why trust us?

We’re trusted by the biggest retailers

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Seen enough? Get in touch and find out how StorIQ could benefit your stores