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Stores will never miss a task again


How it works

StorIQ for Task Management

StorIQ’s tools for communications and task management make it easy for you to tell all your stores what to do, and for you to know when they’ve done it. And because it’s quick and intuitive to use and presented clearly, you and your store teams will save lots of time. With all their information in one place, you will create a single source of truth for your stores so they’ll never miss a task again.

Store Communications

Clear and targeted operational comms

Retail operations has never been so straightforward. StorIQ lets you send the right information to the right store, at the right time; and it’s quick and easy. From company news to urgent actions, StorIQ handles all communications and presents them to stores in a smart and considered way – because retail’s not just about a list of tasks, it’s about context. Stores can easily find what they need, when they need it – rather than searching an intranet or asking you to clarify.

RETAIL Task management

Stores will never miss a task again

StorIQ brings together all a stores’ tasks in one place making it simple for stores to prioritise their workload. Teams in head office can feel confident in the knowledge that everything that needs to be done is done – and if there’s a problem, then it’s easy to follow up and resolve.


Get a handle on compliance

More than ever, it’s vital your stores are completing critical tasks, health and safety audits and daily and monthly checks. StorIQ’s advanced reporting means you can monitor compliance across your entire store estate with just a few clicks, and it’s easy to manage exceptions.

Brand standards

Every store presented perfectly

We all want our stores to look stunning for every launch, but it’s difficult to get it right in each store. With StorIQ you can see all your stores on launch day. Photos are collated for you, so you can gauge customer experience and give structured feedback – without all the admin.

Store visits

Accountable store visits

With a field team that’s spread across the country, it’s a challenge to know which stores they’ve visited and really time consuming to collate all their feedback. Our app for district managers makes it easy to plan and carry out store visits. It’s all recorded centrally, so you can be confident they’ve got it covered.

Success story

M&S International

StorIQ gives Marks & Spencer International the tools to improve brand standards and compliance across their global store portfolio.

StorIQ Platform

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StorIQ for Team engagement

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StorIQ for Activity Planning

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