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Give your team the tools they need to thrive

How it works

StorIQ for Team Engagement

Engage and inspire your teams with StorIQ’s modern, intuitive mobile and social learning tools. With rapid employee onboarding and effective training on brand standards and product lines, you can empower your team to be better salespeople – all while driving job satisfaction and improving employee retention.

Mobile Learning

Upskill your teams

Whether you’re looking to onboard new employees more quickly or simply want to develop the skills of your existing team, StorIQ’s modern, intuitive e-learning platform will revolutionise the way you educate and engage your workforce.


Build a connected workforce

Let your employees take centre stage and build a sense of community with StorIQ’s social communications tools for a connected workforce. Provide your teams with a space to collaborate, ask questions and share their ideas in a more informal setting.

Brand Engagement

Brand and product engagement

It’s hard to engage teams remotely, particularly when it comes to product and brand. Keep teams up to date with a suite of tools including video channels and newsfeed, to make sure your teams are up to date on the latest initiatives from head office.

Knowledge Base

Share information the right way

With a StorIQ knowledge base, you can keep policies, how to guides and anything previously stored on an intranet in one place. Share instructional content whilst maintaining a strong brand identity and easily search for what you need, saving everyone time. It’s easy to create and publish articles, and control access, so the right people are seeing the right information.

Success story

Clarks team engagement

StorIQ work with Clarks in the UK and Europe to support store teams with an easy-to-use mobile learning and communication platform.

StorIQ Platform

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How it works

StorIQ for Activity Planning

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How it works

StorIQ for Task Management

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