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5 Reasons why you should launch StorIQ NOW

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You understand the benefits of a retail operations platform like StorIQ and the positive impact it will have across your business, but what next? Deciding to implement a solution like StorIQ is often just the first step in getting it into the hands of your employees. 

It can be hard to prioritize a rollout of StorIQ, particularly when you have a busy IT roadmap filled with big projects like POS upgrades, a new ERP or CRM. 

We understand that sometimes it can seem difficult to find space in the calendar for a StorIQ project, but retailers with StorIQ often tell us they wish they’d implemented it sooner to help deliver their objectives. This blog sets out why.   


5 reasons why you should make StorIQ a priority on your 2023 roadmap 

  1. Land your 2023 initiatives easily across your store estate  
  2. Maximise investment in your existing tech 
  3. Deliver rapid ROI from day 1 
  4. A fantastic, straightforward and rewarding project for your ‘super-user’ 
  5. Prioritise your people with investment in your store teams 

1. Land your 2023 initiatives easily across your store estate    

Getting structured communication and tasks to stores is where StorIQ excels. It is proven to make all other rollouts, campaigns and initiatives land faster, and to increase the number of stores getting things right first time.  Plus, you get instant access to real-time reporting from day one of rollout giving you the ability to quickly help those stores that need it.   

With StorIQ, communication to stores is easy, and landing large scale change projects becomes simple. When store teams have clear and accurate information at exactly the right time, even complex IT roll outs can be surprisingly smooth. 

As Leonardo DaVinci said: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” – and StorIQ makes this a reality for your communication with stores. Here’s what our customers say: 

2. Maxismise investment in your existing tech

StorIQ can maximise the value gained from the other applications in your stores’ tech stack too. Vital actions to maintain the systems and input data are communicated via the task management and streamlined communications features within StorIQ. So, the Head Office team that owns the software has visibility that the task or action is complete in all stores e.g., ‘POS upgrade/installation required’, ‘Input correct staff hours before payroll cutoff’.    

Embedding task management in your business means that any head office team driving change or activity into stores can be confident stores will action it quickly. 

Plus, real time reporting enables you to see which stores are struggling to implement changes or complete an action, so you can troubleshoot quickly. 

3. Deliver rapid ROI from day 1

More and more is being asked of store teams each year. A typical Store Manager juggles a 30% increase in workload since 2019, is expected to use 30 tools, reports, dashboards every week and spends 6 hours a week reviewing this data. It’s overwhelming and it can be very stressful – and I’m not surprised! 

With StorIQ,  your teams will benefit from: 

4. A fantastic, straightforward and rewarding project for your ‘super-user’

You don’t need to hire someone to run StorIQ! Our world-class Customer Success team will support your nominated ‘super user’ to deliver a brilliant launch and make a significant impact on your business. 

StorIQ implementations are usually led by retail ops teams alongside their day jobs, but we’ve seen some customers take more innovative approaches. StorIQ can be a great project for an ambitious store manager looking to make the move to Head Office, or for a smart, ambitious grad looking for a challenge. 

Whoever leads the project will be supported by our team to deliver a great project with a real impact on the business. What about the day-to-day maintenance? Our customers tell us that they save half a day a week for each head office user once the system is embedded! We don’t create work for your teams, we help you streamline your current activity to save everyone time. 

5. Prioritise your people with investment in your store teams

Store staff are struggling and churn is high. 25% of store managers want to quit and 80% of retailers are struggling with attrition. With StorIQ, you can reduce the noise and stress for store teams, making their lives a little easier and your teams a little happier. Happier employees are less likely to leave, and a recent McKinsey study reported that reducing churn can drive a 3% sales lift. 

So, this all sounds great, you’ve decided buying StorIQ is a priority for 2023 and you want to get going ASAP. But how much time and resource do you need to commit? We know how busy retailers are, and we know you don’t have the time to work on a project for months with no impact. 

Which is why we don’t work like that. A typical onboarding takes only 6 – 8 weeks – usually requiring only 5-6 hours of your time each week. For a global brand based in Italy, we accelerated the onboarding so they launched in stores in 2 weeks.  

So, what makes the StorIQ onboarding so quick? 

StorIQ is built by retailers for retailers, and we already support more than 15,000 stores in 55 countries. In developing StorIQ, our dedicated retail operations platform, we have invested an impressive 100,000+ hours over 8 years, into technical development and delivery.   

So, StorIQ is out of the box and ready to go – but we’ll make sure you are too. We have a brilliant Customer Success team that works with you to help plan and manage the business change and ensure that everyone who will be using StorIQ is excited. 

We’ll help you build a StorIQ rollout plan that is lean, fast and ensures that StorIQ is adopted quickly so the savings and benefits can be realised straight away.   

We know how busy retailers are, but we also know that StorIQ helps reduce that busy-ness. StorIQ enables other implementations, software and lean processes to run more efficiently. Across 50 global, multi-brand and franchise rollouts, we have become experts in landing StorIQ effectively with the minimum of impact on your busy teams’ time whilst delivering maximum impact across your teams. 

The StorIQ team are on hand to give you all the help you need to deliver your new retail operations platform on time and on budget.     

Explore Building a Business Case Stage 4: How to win backers and influence leaders for tips for Retail Operations professionals to create a compelling business case that gets StorIQ signed off and rolled out quickly.    

If you have any questions or need help with any areas of your Retail Operations tech choices, please get in touch with the StorIQ team.     

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