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Introducing the StorIQ Academy – A new Learning Management System

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StorIQ are thrilled to announce the launch of the StorIQ Academy, a mobile-friendly learning management system (LMS), that works alongside the core StorIQ platform to create engaging courses to educate and inspire your teams.

At StorIQ we believe stores are the future of retail and if you can get the detail right in every store then the results can be amazing. This has always been our belief, and even through this testing year, we still maintain that great retail starts with great stores.

However, one thing 2020 has really highlighted to us, is the importance of the development and wellbeing of store teams. Throughout the year, they’ve been retail’s frontline workers and it’s been a challenging and uncertain time for everyone.

We’ve built the StorIQ Academy to engage and inspire retail teams with easy to create and fun to complete courses and quizzes, all the while focussing on personal development and growth.

Introducing StorIQ Academy – A Learning Management System (LMS)

With the StorIQ Academy you can create highly visual, engaging courses and quizzes for your teams to complete anytime and anywhere.

Available on any device, the flexible format means you can add videos, images, audio and documents to support your team’s learning.

Test your team’s knowledge with quizzes

Create fun and engaging quizzes to test your team’s knowledge on each course.

There are multiple quiz styles to choose from; from multiple choice to essay questions and each user will be awarded a score. You can allow teams to have one attempt at each quiz or let them take it multiple times – the choice is yours.

Access your data in StorIQ

Data from the StorIQ Academy integrates into the Reports section of the StorIQ platform, so it’s easy to track course completion rates and manage exceptions.

Reward your teams’ hard work 

Has someone in your team gone above and beyond in store? Then why not thank them! With the StorIQ Academy you can recognise hard work with Gems. Area Managers can reward their highest performing stores and store managers can reward their teams. Gems can simply be a way of acknowledging a job well done or can be used as part of your incentive scheme – it’s your choice.

If you’d like to find out more about the StorIQ Academy, then why not join us for a quick demo? Send an email to to arrange a time that works for you.

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