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Black Friday to Blue Monday – Retail Connections

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StorIQ were pleased to attend our first Retail Connections Black Friday event hosted by the Fieldworks Marketing.

The event, titled “From Black Friday to Blue Monday” focused on the challenges retailers face on Black Friday and how to adapt. The retail phenomenon, only recently introduced in the UK, is already an important date in the consumer calendar. And Black Friday is only the beginning because it is immediately followed by peak trading season. What was clear from the event was that Black Friday has vastly changed consumer behaviour. Consumers are blissfully unaware of the effect the event has on e-commerce and bricks and mortar trade. It has a business-wide impact from IT, logistics and delivery to returns, staffing and retail operations. That means peak season planning is more important than ever before.

Retail Connections chairman, Chris Field, did a great job of chairing the event. And there were some great faces on the expert panel including Richard Zubrick, Head of Technology for the Tesco Direct; Schuh’s Head of Ecommerce, Sean McKee; Kevin O’Brien who has had senior IT roles at brands including Mothercare and Comet as well as Internet Retailing’s thought-provoking editor-in-chief, Ian Jindal.

We look forward to the next Connections event.

Here is a short video from the Retail Connections team. Peter has a cameo!

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