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Championing Retail Operations Technology

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Never underestimate the potential of your retail operations team. The activities of your central retail support, store communications, VM, marketing and field and store teams are the key to unlocking a seamless in-store experience. 

Top-notch retail operations

Retail operations teams are the lifeblood of brick-and-mortar organisations, but they are often overlooked in favour of investment in omnichannel initiatives.  At StorIQ, we believe great shopping experiences are the result of every single detail being right. We believe that when store teams are empowered and supported to get the details right, the results can be spectacular. Click-and-collect and mPOS can only achieve long term success if retailers are willing to invest in retail operations.

Of course, we understand that retailers must invest in customer facing technologies to fit the demands of the modern consumer. But who will ultimately be residing over these new technologies? Well that will be the retail operations team. How effective your communications and operations are will directly effect the success of the new technology.

Invest in your retail operations function before investing in retail innovation.

Top-notch retail operations and store communication can:


Technology as an enabler

There is no replacement for people, management, training and individual capability. However, technology can help people do their jobs more efficiently and accurately. In retail operations, technology can improve existing processes, making them faster, automated and more visible. So why are so many retail operations teams working with outdated technology?

Do you have a system in place that allows you to see the activities of your entire store portfolio at the click of a button?

No? Then keep reading!

A purpose-built Retail Operations and Store Communication platform can:


The Retail Operations Technology Champion

Who is the retail operations champion? Usually they’re a senior-level executive or in a retail operations management role. They will work with the Central Operations Director, Head of Retail or Retail Operations Director. In some cases, it’s the CEO, CFO or CIO who realises the value of top-notch retail operations and the investment in appropriate technology. Whoever the Champion is – We salute you!

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