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Taking task management to the next level…

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Is that spotlight in the left front window out? Is the new POS system acting up again? Have you got some faulty POS collateral that marketing needs to replace?

These are simple, common issues in store – but reaching a solution is not always so simple.

Imagine a scenario:

A light fitting is broken. The store manager calls maintenance to let them know. Nobody picks up the phone, so they leave a message. Maintenance call back, but it’s the lunchtime rush, and so your store manager is needed on the shop floor and doesn’t answer the phone. After a few attempts the Store Manager sends an email to maintenance and the team say they’ll try and send someone to fix it next week. Next week comes and goes and the light hasn’t been fixed. More phone calls are made. The Area Manager notices that the light is broken and asks the store manager whether they are handling it. They are.

Sound familiar?

Well for many of our customers it was certainly a common problem. We listened carefully to the difficulties they were faced with and in response we have enhanced our department tasks functionality for visibility and clarity for Head Office, Field and Store teams.

In fact, by analysing our customer data, we can see stores raise 3-4 Department tasks a month – that means there are a lot of issues to track, with a lot of different stakeholders. With StorIQ it’s easy for stores to flag issues directly with departments like maintenance and IT and those departments can communicate with store managers through the platform. ID numbers mean that you can now track a task from creation to completion. No need for multiple platforms and help desks.

We’ve built loads of amazing reports, so head office can track any outstanding or overdue tasks and completion rates in a given time period.

With Department tasks, you can streamline processes to make sure everyone knows what is going on, and move away from email and WhatsApp. It’s the little details of in store execution that add up to a great shopping experience – all stores need are the tools to do this.

Introducing StorIQ …

Since 2014 StorIQ has been helping retailers throughout the UK and the globe with their task management, comms and store reviews.

We are now helping retailers in 55 countries to increase visibility of their store portfolio, improve brand standards and ultimately drive sales by improving in-store execution.

We now truly believe we are experts in closing the loop on task management and creating better communication to and from stores. However, there’s always room for improvement, and we think our new department tasks functionality will take our offering to the next level.

For more information on department tasks, why not send us an email to




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