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2020 – The Year of Employee Experience

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At StorIQ we believe that creating an incredible in-store experience is the key to navigating these turbulent times in retail.

Well-established retailers are turning to the latest trends in retail technology, cutting edge store designs and incredible customer experiences to combat the rise of online shopping and the decline in footfall on our high streets. 

But retailers need not fear. Online shopping is great, however physical store fronts give something that isn’t possible online – an immersive brand experience.

And there are stats to prove it. Consumers of all ages still name physical stores as their number one shopping destination, including 62% of Baby Boomers 58% of Generation Z.

To drive customers to stores, retailers and brands are turning their attention to customer experience – “how to keep up, and how to meet and exceed expectations in an era of fast-moving tech and instant gratification.”

With so many new projects ongoing, it’s more important than ever to communicate effectively with your employees, to gain insight into the challenges they face to drive productivity in store.

Employee engagement will dominate 2020

At NRF last month, a topic consistently revisited by tech companies and retailers alike was employee engagement and unlocking the power of the workforce.

Editor-in-Chief of Fast Company Stephanie Mehta, and Kevin Johnson, President and CEO of Starbucks kicked off day two with a session keynote titled “Nurturing humanity in modern-day retail”.

The team at Starbucks believe that millennial employees are the key to building momentum in Starbucks due to their willingness to try new things and adopt new ideas. They are their catalyst for change.

But how will they do it?

Their focus is on culture. They believe that if an employee sees themselves as part of the bigger picture, they will become more invested in the success of the business and the job itself.

All Starbucks employees are referred to as partners. It’s not just a name, but rather a part of their strategy. By treating their employees this way, they can create a shared understanding and shared belief.

The tools to drive employee engagement

Like the team at Starbucks, we believe that in order to create an engaged and empowered workforce, your store teams need to feel involved and informed.

The key to empowering your store teams is through effective store communication.

StorIQ gives you clear and simple communication to and from stores. Stores can receive all the information they need to do their jobs on their tablets on the shop floor. That means they can spend more time interacting with their customers.

If there’s an issue in store, whether a light fitting is broken or a delivery never arrived, it’s easy for stores to flag the issue with a department in Head Office on StorIQ. Stores can monitor replies and have clear visibility of what will be done and when.

Engage your store teams by blending visual content, videos, GIFs and newsflashes to communicate key information to stores in a way that’s interactive and easy to digest.

By having all the information they need to do their job in one easy to use app, they’ll to be able cut down on admin and make their lives easier.

Want to drive employee engagement with powerful technology? Schedule a demo with the team to find out how! ?

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