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The speakers we’ll be watching at FUTR 2019

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April is shaping up to be an exciting month here for StorIQ, and our events season is about to kick off!

StorIQ will be exhibiting at FUTR Europe Summit on 24th-25th April – Europe’s only summit focusing on fresh thinking and progressive change in the future of retail, marketing and e-commerce.

The StorIQ team will be exhibiting at stand V04. We’ll be focusing on mobile – so come and find us, iPad in hand, to check out the latest features on the StorIQ web app. It’s going to be an exciting couple of days!

There will be more than 200 speakers across 4 stages – here are the talks we’ll be sneaking off the stand to listen to!


The Digital Transformation of Retail – Keynote, day 1 – 9:50 am

Digital transformation continues to be a core focus for many traditional retail businesses. Amongst other things, key components include becoming agile, adopting a test and fail approach, building new partnerships, revisiting all aspects of your business from supply chain to customer service and raising the digital IQ of employees. How are traditional retail businesses driving digital transformation within their organisations? What are the opportunities and challenges that have come with such endeavours? And what are the KPI’s that indicate when you’re on the right track?

Why we’re excited:  In this panel discussion, we’re looking forward to the new CEO of Jack Wills, Suzanne Harlow, speak about digital transformation. Jack Wills are one of our customers here at StorIQ. We’ve helped them to streamline their retail operations, and we can’t wait to hear how they are promoting tech innovation in other parts of the business.


Bricks and mortars get smart. The in-store technologies & designs that are working – Retail Evolution, day 1 – 12pm

In an era of drone delivery systems, smart warehouses and the development of self-driving transport trucks, a great deal of emerging retail technology to date has been focused on improving its supply chain. But when it comes to actual bricks-and-mortar stores, retail businesses are also embracing design & visuals with technology. This session will look at the future store and what must go in it to make an impact.

Why we’re excited:  At StorIQ, we believe stores are the future of retail. StorIQ  was first built as a way for retailers to be able to see every store, every day. So, design & visuals are at the core of the StorIQ platform. We can’t wait to see what tech will be showcased.



Creating meaningful and immersive retail experiences at Rituals – Fashion Beauty and Lifestyle – day 1 – 12pm

With 700+ stores opened since 2000, Rituals Cosmetics continues to grow at a rapid pace and initiate successful cross industry partnerships. At a time of heightened scepticism for the physical store, how is this success achieved? Join Rituals UK & Ireland MD Penny Grivea, as she talks about innovation in the beauty retail store, meaningful and immersive experiences whilst creating a community of brand ambassadors that keeps customers coming back for more.

Why we’re excited:  The first quarter of 2019 has been a turbulent time for retail – but there are plenty of retailers like Hotel Chocolat and Joules who are defying the odds. Rituals will be taking to the stage to discuss their rapid growth, and we can’t wait to hear how they are creating retail experiences that are drawing the customers in.


Stop by the stand and say hi – we look forward to seeing you there!

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