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Introducing StorIQ 2.0…

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We’ve taken on board all the feedback, advice and new ideas from our customers and we’re excited to announce StorIQ 2.0. Our biggest release yet.

The StorIQ 2.0 release includes improvements to the core task management system, a new Projects module, and new APIs.

Need an introduction to the core platform? – Click here!

We’re launching a new Module!

Our customers asked if we’d help them manage their international store opening programme. This became the core of our new Projects module. The module will help manage processes that get repeated throughout the year. Whether it’s a store opening, a refurbishment or a potential site evaluation. Whenever you have a standard set of tasks and documents that need completing and approving, Projects can help.

  1. It’s easy to create templates for projects, proposals or processes containing all the tasks and documents for project owners to submit completed proposals for approval.
  2. Completed proposals can be reviewed and approved if everything’s in order.
  3. All completed proposals – with all associated documents – are held in the system, making it easy to track activity and status.


If you’d like more information on the Projects Module or StorIQ 2.0 task management system, then give us a call on +44(0)20 3290 6602 or send an email to

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