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Are you ready for Black Friday?

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The holidays are officially over – and it’s time to really concentrate on preparations for the peak Christmas trading period.

Many retailers have established peak planning routines in place. If you’re a Retail Operations Manager, Area Manager or responsible for the performance of a store portfolio, you’ll be very accustomed to gearing up your retail operations for the Christmas peak.

A survey from the Centre for Retail Research reported that UK Christmas spending hit a record £77bn in 2016.  And nearly three quarters of that – or £56bn – was spent in stores.

Great shopping experiences are the result of every single detail being right, and effective peak planning means managing the detail right, across the company. Your store teams can only deliver a great shopping experience if they have all the tools and information they need, and they’re clear on what to do and when.

To help your peak planning this year, we’ve put together an e-book which outlines 7 ideas to help you get it right when it matters.  You can click here to download your copy.

The good news is, you still have plenty of time.

Over the next couple of weeks, form a peak planning team with colleagues from teams across the business. Meet every fortnight to share information and plans so you all know what’s what’s going on and can highlight any issues. Make sure that everyone knows about new product or service launches, and check that everyone understands the trading, promotional and marketing plans.

Compiling a Risk Log in excel ensures you’ve considered everything that could go wrong.  And as you know, something always does go wrong over Christmas, so it can help you make a contingency plan. An Action Log can be a helpful tool to stay on top your peak planning meetings, so you’re clear about who is responsible for specific actions and deadlines.  If you create these documents now, you’ll save time next year too!

Start thinking about your store communication tactics.  Your store teams need to be empowered and supported to deliver the in-store execution standards you need.  Whether it’s a conference, regional meeting, or a video cascade, start getting the content together now.

To download our Peak Planning eBook click here



And if you’d like to find out more about how StorIQ could help you, get in touch.

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