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StorIQ gets a new look and features…

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It’s been a difficult and uncertain year for the retail industry, but things are beginning to look a little brighter.  We’re really pleased to see stores opening this week in the UK, and with the vaccine programme well underway, we’re hoping that it shouldn’t be too long before we can start getting back to some level of normality.  

The last year has been a big one for StorIQ. Despite a little uncertainty at the start, StorIQ has continued to move from strength to strength. We’ve onboarded loads of amazing retailers and global brands in the US, Middle East, across Europe and at home in the UK. Our team has doubled in size, welcoming team members in the customer, development and sales teams and we’ve spent a lot of time building new functionality and expanding our product offering.

Introducing StorIQ’s tools for labour budgeting and forecasting

Link your labour budgeting and forecasting with your task management workflow and give your management teams oversight of who has done what, so they know where they can help and they can understand how much it all costs. With our new features you can get help planning your labour budget and get a solid control of costs by making sure you stick to it.

Click here to discover StorIQ’s tools for activity planning.

Undergoing a complete rebrand

With new customers, a growing team and so many exciting new additions to the platform, we felt that our branding and our way of telling people what we do, wasn’t reflecting StorIQ in 2021.

We’ve always believed that stores are the future of retail, and that if stores are supported with technology to get the detail right in every store, then the results can be spectacular.

That hasn’t changed. But since launching StorIQ in 2014, the type of product we offer has dramatically changed – and so we wanted the way we talk about what we do to reflect that.

Retail operations is easy when your store managers have clear direction; your store teams are engaged and your management teams are productive. We’ve changed the way we speak about the platform and we support stores in three key areas: Task Management and operational communications, Team Engagement and learning, and Activity Planning and labour forecasting.

You can find out more about the product here.

We stand by our values

At this important stage in StorIQ’s growth, and as part of our repositioning project, we thought it was an excellent time to revisit our company values and make sure they still reflect who we are today.

After plenty of spirited conversation and self reflection, we landed on the three values that resonated with the whole team and that we strive to achieve at StorIQ.

We’re truly collaborative

We really listen. Good ideas – from the StorIQ team and from our customers – are developed and brought to life.

We do what we say we will

We set high standards. We’re honest, clear and straightforward; we take ownership and we always deliver.

We want our customers to love us

We want to make our customers look great and we always aim to surprise and delight.

Find out more about what StorIQ stands for here.

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