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You snow the drill… get prepped and deliver your peak plan!

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As a retail operations superstar, your best laid peak season plans are now in full swing, so we’re not going to talk to you about peak planning. But we know you’ll soon be thinking about how to make 2023 even better. 

Our customers use StorIQ to navigate common obstacles retailers faces at this time of year, including new footfall-driving initiatives, last-minute VM changes, unplanned reactive trade promotions and extreme weather events.  

Here are StorIQ’s top tips for success this peak. 

Nail your Area Manager visits

Time is at a premium for AM’s store reviews during peak season. Store managers are also juggling multiple managing and reporting tasks, to make sure nothing is overlooked. Now the busy season is here, there is no time for trawling through emails and attachments. StorIQ customers develop specific Peak Season Planning checklists or amended store review templates that make Area Manager visits run smoothly and captures all the actions on the spot. Nobody wants an underwhelming Area Manager visit to rein(deer!) on their parade in the holiday season! 

StorIQ brings together all the tools an Area Manager needs to complete a store visit in one easy to use app, with reporting that integrates into StorIQ for both Field and Head Office teams. 

Managing the risk around extreme weather

Retail is reliant on the weather – we’ve all seen the spikes of winter coats when the weather bites… it’s snow laughing matter. Planning for weather is important especially as extreme weather becomes more commonplace in towns and cities across the globe. Bad weather can cause decreased footfall, health and safety risks and in the worst cases – store closures. Are your staff, including holiday temps, up to speed on what to do if it snows or if the entrance becomes an ice rink? Do all stores have the same policy towards extreme weather or does each store have unique risks? Who is responsible for making sure customers and staff are safe?   

StorIQ is excellent at localising and supporting stores to be totally compliant on their individual Health and Safety policies and tasks. With StorIQ’s tools for compliance, you can be assured that every store is following procedures, without all the time and admin it takes to collate responses. 

Break the store opening hours headache

Every year managing, recoding and communicating store opening hours is a retail operations headache that never seems to get easier. With the bank holiday and weekend trading rules, coupled with local high street and shopping centre opening hours there can be havoc with staffing and customer expectations.  

Say goodbye to all this confusion (and your resting Grinch face!) with StorIQ Store Database which provides a single source of store data, accessible to all head office, field and store users.  

Keep incentives motivating for your store staff

Give your store teams a well-deserved round of Santa-plause! Retail staff need to be aware of the fantastic incentives that await them if they hit targets and perform well during the peak season. Is there a motivation-boosting communications plan for the run-up to peak season that highlights the opportunities this season can bring? Are your staff motivated by the incentive scheme?  

Maybe run a quick temperature check with staff using one of the StorIQ surveys to see if they feel motivated or demotivated by the targets. StorIQ creates a collaborative space where teams can share ideas, celebrate colleagues’ hard work and connect with the wider business. Put community and culture at the heart of everything you do and give teams the retail employee engagement tools they need to identify with your brand. 

Deliver visual merchandising excellence at lighting speed

New promotional POS, changing displays and new products can make it hard to keep stores looking their best when store staff are so busy with customers. Keep your stores looking and feeling fresh with visually impactful ways that’ll make a fa-la-la-la-lasting impression. Festive visual merchandising is the perfect way to draw customers into your stores, drive footfall and increase sales. 

Improve brand standards across your entire store portfolio and gain a transformational level of visibility with StorIQ’s tools for visual merchandising execution and brand compliance. StorIQ makes it easy to communicate visual merchandising updates to stores, and to engage store teams with brand presentation. The platform gives you the tools you need to manage down rework time, so you can be sure your stores are perfect, faster. 

With StorIQ you can all be confident that whatever the festive season throws at you your store teams will totally sleigh it. 

Giving time back to retail and store teams to focus on selling and customers at the busiest time of the year is what StorIQ does best. Request a demo today and see how your store estate could land a digitised peak. 

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