StorIQ benefits - a new approach to retail operations
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StorIQ benefits – a new approach to retail operations

StorIQ Enterprise

An overview

A single touchpoint for the entire organisation

Real-time sharing between all staff, managers and head office

Ensures accountability and transparency

Rewards initiative and reporting by group sharing

Shares best practice across every outlet

Leverages the experience and talent of your best staff for group sharing

Incentivises retail staff to complete tasks

Connects corporate and store-level objectives

Stores and tags historic campaign and task data

At-a-glance comparisons of visual merchandising strategies

Ensures you own your data, avoiding free social media and sharing platforms

Supports compliance across multiple outlets

Specifically designed to make retail chain management more effective

Simple deployment and a high ROI

“Until we started using StorIQ, photos of store windows and interiors were circulating round the business as email attachments, in PowerPoint presentations, on iPhones, or as printouts. It was hard to measure the degree of compliance to guidelines, and highly inefficient. StorIQ enabled us to do in 48 hours what would normally have taken two weeks. Reviewing campaign launches is now immediate, so we can tell stores what to change instantly, and our database of visuals means that we can view any store area – such as tills or fitting rooms – and make them consistent with the campaign strategy.”
Amy Bastow, Commercial Director, Crew Clothing